It was a weekend punctuated with lots of good things chez Chalson. As you can see, the shawl grows and it just reminds me of why the Madelinetosh pashmina is my favorite yarn to work with – the deepest colors and the softest fabric. I had to switch to a 40″ needle to accommodate all of the stitches comfortably and I’ve still got lots of knitting to go. I’m loving the shape of the shawl so far, with the smoothness of the stockinette fabric contrasted by the yarnover-edged garter border.
Some other highlights from the weekend?

Migas, an egg scramble with loads of good things like chorizo, cheese, and corn tortilla, to start the weekend off right. I would’ve taken a picture of the finished product, but it got eaten too fast to take any decent shots! (Yes, there’s my coffee cup in the corner. It’s never far away.)

A walk on a beautiful day in Forest Hills Gardens, and the sighting of two sure signs of warm weather – forsythia and dogwood (I think – I’m no botanist….forsythia also reminds me of all my trips to South Carolina in the spring for vacation, when the forsythia would bloom along the highways.)

The appearance of my second-favorite flower, daffodils, at the local organic market (it’s a little early for lilacs yet). A couple of those bunches came home with me!

A dinner of my favorite dishes at my favorite Thai restaurant, Sripraphai in Queens (and the best Thai in all of NYC!). I will be eternally grateful to my sister for ordering that chicken/cashew/pineapple dish the first time.

My favorite way to eat Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies – as bar cookies baked in a 13×9 dish instead! This is the way my grandma used to bake them….(wow, I just realized how many food pictures I have from 2 days – I ate gooood this weekend!)
And finally, a weekend spent with the favoritest of my favorites:

Hope you had a good weekend, too!