It’s an old saying, but a true one this morning – I’m as pleased as punch about Augusta (yep, the name stuck). I bound off the shawl last night (and that took a while, believe me) and set it to soak immediately. In my previous experiences, the pashmina yarn releases quite a bit of dye in the soaking stage, so I was prepared and gave it a few cold water rinses after its initial bath to solve that. One hour and many blocking pins later, I had this:

Kharmically speaking, it’s probably not wise to be so enamored with this little pattern, as I can only imagine a fateful retribution in the form of future pattern struggles, but right now I’m sold. The strong lines, the simple lace, the depth of color, the soft hand of the yarn; it’s definitely knit-love in its purest form: just knit, purl, increase, and decrease. I’m glad to have taken it finally from my mind, where months ago I had the idea for the shape and the lacy edging almost as soon as I saw the skein, to a reality. I’ll be having this one tested over at Ravelry and I’ll be sure to share my final photos and all the details once the pattern is available. (PS: Did you know that you can now see my patterns on Ravelry without belonging to Ravelry? It’s true! But you should check out Ravelry anyway…..)

Not all members of the household are as excited as I am. To wit: Coco, giving me a look that clearly says “This is so much better as a blanket.”

I’m a lucky gal as I’ve got a great weekend planned – tix to see The Book of Mormon musical and then BBQ at Blue Smoke afterward. Musical theater + smoked meat = a high probability of success. And spring has finally sprung in NYC – especially when it comes to the famous flowering trees on the Upper East Side. A visual dream and an allergy nightmare πŸ™‚ TGIF, everyone!