We’re baaaack! Our whirlwind weekend trip to Las Vegas is over, but it was a lot of fun and I’ve got a smattering of appropriately touristy pictures to prove it. Without further ado, my mini album:

the lobby of the Venetian, our hotel - can you say "over the top"?

the check-in desk, complete with chandeliers and an oil painting of Venice

the ubiquitous casino/slot machines photograph - after awhile, they all look the same! 🙂

the Venetian features a canal lined with shops - outside AND inside the hotel

yes, the gondoliers serenade their passengers

that shadowy figure is Andrew, taking in the indoor canal with its realistic "outdoor" ceiling

we had the legendary Saturday brunch at the Wynn, one of the newer casinos - the exterior of the building's contemporary design almost shimmers in the heat

the lobby of the Wynn is filled with flowers, including this impressive bank of hydrangeas

we had a breathtaking view of the Strip, 55 stories in the air, from the patio of Ghostbar at the Palms Casino. no, i did NOT look down.

Thanks for inviting us, Michelle, and Happy Happy Birthday! (PS: Kissy kissy!)

PS: Of course there was knitting, people! Las Vegas and back is a long way to fly, and what better way to pass the time than to work on the new sock design. Here’s the before picture (AKA the ‘still on the tarmac at JFK’ picture):

That’s a nice ribbed cuff and one pattern repeat of the leg. (Note the Dunkin Donuts coffee cup within reach. Must. be. prepared.)

After several smooth hours in the air, we landed at Las Vegas and this was my work-in-progress shot:

Not bad, right? Especially for someone who knits English and is using dpn’s. That’s several inches of leg finished.

As you can imagine, the knitting time in Las Vegas was scarce, but the return flight definitely yielded more progress:

The heel is done and the foot is underway!

Once I’ve gotten this first sock finished and the pattern written up enough for other knitters to try, I’ll be getting it out to some test knitters in a variety of sizes while I finish the second sock – how’s that for efficiency? I’m definitely seeing this as a unisex design, depending on the color used. The knitting mojo is in high gear 🙂